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Anudda One Bites The Dust

David Rogenfelder aka Rockefeller FINALLY HAS DIED! Evil bastard existed for 101 years. And now he’s as though he never was!  Obidiah 1:15-16 Angels in Heaven rejoice! One of the worst to walk this planet, this Anti-Christ Rockefeller dramatically changed the … Continue reading

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Don Fox USGS 9/11 Evidence Analysis

Expert researcher and analyst, Don Fox presents his power point of the scientific evidence concerning the truth of 9/11.  If you’ve yet to experience a Dox Fox  exposition and breakdown of the hows, why’s, and who’s of the fateful 2001 … Continue reading

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Leading the Fight for 9/11 Truth

Preeminent 9/11 researcher Don Fox travels a most difficult road, battling a constant barrage from scoffers, deniers, haters, and worst of all disinfo merchants.  Even after many years of pursuing and uncovering the truth behind the destruction of the WTC, Fox still faces … Continue reading

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America Nuked on 9/11

Exciting and extremely engaging new book release by Dr. Jim Fetzer with contributor Donald Fox, both preeminent researchers in 9/11 truth!  Dr Fetzer, Don Fox, and other authors bring to light inside information into the heinous plot by the CIA, Neocons, and Mossad … Continue reading

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