Gatekeepers of The Alt-Right


Bill Finck of Cristogena does an excellent breakdown of the current state of various Alt-Righters.  Friends or foes? Listen to Bill and Mike Delaney of ProThink discuss the latest goings-on in White Nationalism and then decide for yourself.


Click here to listen: “Alt-Right-Wrong”

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To Jew or Not To Jew


No matter what we do it seems we can’t escape the claws of these insidious bastards.

Use a credit card, the Jew gets his usury.  Watch a movie or TV show the Jew pummels us with degeneracy, diversity, and decadence.  Attend college, the Jew makes shekels off student loans while indoctrinating minds with garbage. Read a Jew-corrupted Bible or go to a denominational Judeo-Christian church and get blinded by lies.  Try getting a job as a white male over the age of 35.  Pfff. Forced diversity laws and practices make it basically impossible.  How about simply wanting to speak your mind on the subject of Whites and our diminishing rights and possible future non-existence?  Ha, ha.  Nice try.


Jews control our every move.  From our money to our education to our work to our entertainment to even the words that come out of our mouths.  We are living as slaves to these evil oven-worthy bastards, working sometimes 2 and 3 jobs just to stay afloat so we can survive and then forcibly give half for Gibs.

Our race is the master race.  We are divine gods on this planet.  We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects.  In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best.  Other races are considered as human excrement.  Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races.
Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leaders with a rod of iron.
The masses will lick our feet and serve us as slaves.”

screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-9-12-35-pmMehachem Begin
Fmr Prime Minister of Israel

So what’s the answer?  Live miserably under the vice grip of these disgusting Satanic creatures?

No!  Absolutely not!

Goys we are on the cusp of greatness!  We have the beginning piece of the puzzle in place starting with Trump. And we clearly have made inroads through all the work we’ve done with the meme war, red-pilling, blogs, twitter, podcasts, etc.  The Jews and their minions are definitely rustled.  What that means is we’ve got their attention!  So we must keep the pressure on.  The burner turned up high.  Pedal to the metal.


If you’re in college, keep posting those flyers, red-pill your homies and organize groups and meet-ups.  You working-stiffs, take your buddy out for beers and get him wise to the JQ.  Ladies, talk up your BFF’s and family members.  You never know what planting a seed will do!  Check the blogs, forums, podcasts.  Educate yourself on the truth and history of Jewish treachery so you’re ready to answer questions from inquiring normies.  Stay informed and stay up to date with current events.  The more you know, the more believable and convincing you will be when waking others up.

Yet on another level we can also fight back by just saying No!


In our everyday lives we come across so many situations and decision making opportunities.  Here is where we as individuals and as the movement as a whole can make a legit difference.  We can truly damage the Jew where its hurts the most, his f’ng wallet.  Make a concerted effort in every possible situation that you are are able, to not deal with a Jew or other race.  If you have a choice, make the right one!


Your heater goes out, call a White repairman.  Hire a trainer at the gym, make sure he or she is White.  In a service or sales opportunity whether personal or business, if possible always choose non-jew and White.  Don’t just pick the cheapest!  Even if you have to pay more, pick the White guy!


And turn off sportsball!  Teams are owned by Jews, games are shown on Jew media, and the players are mainly niggers now anyway.  Stop going to movies and curb watching Jew TV.  Limit your entertainment if possible to White venues.  Frequent White-owned businesses.  Most small businesses are owned by White people.  Shop at your local store instead of Amazon or the corporate chain.  Nowadays small biz is in many cases LESS expensive than on-line and corporate stores.  Do your homework and support the White man who is struggling! Stop using Jew-supported products, like Ben & Jerry’s or Starbucks or Nestle or Coca-Cola, etc, etc.  Stop giving to ANY charity unless it’s White.  Goodwill is a corporate(Jew) scam, while Red Cross, Salvation Army, Doctors Without Borders etc all help niggers, spics, muds, etc.  Give to an elderly or sick White neighbor if you feel charitable, but stop throwing your money away to (((Charities))).  Even stop giving them old clothes.  We can’t keep feeding and supporting our enemies, because that’s what the Jew wants!


Stop waste.  Only buy and consume what you need.  The less crap we buy from these Jew companies, the less they can take from us.  And pay with CASH.  The Jews track your purchase through your card transactions, thus tracking your personal moves. They also make money both from the business that accepts your card(merchant fees) and from you the consumer(interest/fees).  The Jews get paid on both ends.  If we ALL start using cash, think how much the Jew stands to lose!  Less info on us and less confiscation of our wealth.

Take care of what you have.  Repair what you can.  Consume only what you need.  Those of you that can, start a garden.  Get back to the basics.  This type of thinking is opposite of what the Jew wants.  They want us to be unhappy with what we have and always craving more.  The Jew wants us to be miserable and then sell us a magic pill.  Well it doesn’t work and it never will!


Think how less stressful your life would be if you were happy and thankful for what you have like your family and friends, instead of always desiring more and more unimportant things!  In essence, the Jew is calling you with a Siren’s song to worship him by what he offers.  It’s a long-standing Jewish manipulative evil plot to get us mesmerized by idol worship, which basically puts anything and everything in front of loving our brother and loving and worshipping God.  Self-obsession vs. caring for one’s brother first and shoving God to the side is the epitome of Jewish success over the Goyim.  Don’t fall for it my White Brethren.  Break the cycle of Jewish control and JUST SAY NO!


Stand up to the Jew!  With our intellect, will power, self-control, and help from one another and through the loving hand of God, we can WIN!  Start now.  Let’s get our lives back.  It’s time.  Not a moment to lose!

Hail Victory!  Hail White Man! Hail Victory!






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Feminism or How To Destroy Society


Absolute worst thing that has ever happened to women and ultimately our society and our White Race is Feminism.  I actually hate to even write that word.  The word is so ugly in and of itself.

Men and Women are not the same.  Besides the bio differences, men and women are just wired differently.  And this is a good thing!  God meant for us to be different, on purpose.  Man was created for God’s good pleasure and His will. The Will of God for man is to love and serve God and love and serve His brother.  And surprise!  The Woman was created as a Helper for Man.  Guess what ladies, we as women are here to love and support our man!  That is the Will of God and we show Him our love and worship Him by loving and supporting our man!


FYI:  all of this pertains ONLY to Whites, as Whites are God’s Chosen, and for no other race including those nasty rat-face jews.  And no, for once and for all Jesus is not a jew and jews are not white and are not saved nor are nigs or beaners or street-shitters or slopes no matter what the hell they do.  See more info on the truth of the White Race and  Christian Identity).

Feminism is of course a jewish construct.  This jew hag activist (((Louis Weiss))) pushed during the 1930’s-40’s for suffrage and other angry women issues that I could care less about.  She’s just a good example of a pissed off jewish bitch that furthered the jewish plot to ruin society.


So why push the angry bitch angle aka feminism?  What can the jews accomplish with that?


Well from the beginning,  jew controlled media and education indoctrinates young girls to believe they are the same as boys.  This is very confusing because as a girl, one knows this is not true!  Once again, we are different creations.  But the jew plot thickens as a young girl grows up and she is pushed and pulled in so many confusing directions by being told she won’t measure up to others and will be ostracized in society if she doesn’t “empower” herself.  What this means is that a woman is directed to put herself FIRST, not her man or eventually her children, ie: her family!

By being totally self-absorbed, she begins to think of herself unnaturally…not as a woman.  Remember a woman’s place,  job, duty, whatever you want to term it ( I like will of God) is to love her man and help and serve him.  So if a woman is focused on her own selfish needs, then why does she need a man?  And herein lies the problem.

She goes to college, gets a degree, focuses on a career.  No time in there for putting a man first.  Next she is led to believe that all men are assholes so why have one?  You’re just like a dude so hook up, get what you need and lose his phone number.  You can have it all! Career, money,  jewelry, sex when you want it, and good friends to party with.  Who needs a husband? And especially who needs kids or a family.  If you’re unhappy being single there’s something wrong with you.  Take this pill and you’ll be fine, says jewish big pharma.

You see where I’m going with this?  Women are beat over the head with the mantra that they are just like men.  Eventually generations pass and women believe the lie.  The jews have won.  Destruction of the family. No kids.  White Genocide.

But let me tell you guys, women DON’T REALLY WANT THIS!  Most smart, well-adjusted women want to be creative, contribute, and help others and maybe that includes working a fun career, but what they truly want is love from a man!  Women are NOT HAPPY without a man!  That is in a woman’s DNA.  Whether she denies it or not, it’s there.  Now yes there’s exceptions with the disgusting sweat hog fat chicks and dykes, but I’m not talking about them.  I am speaking about real, intelligent, beautiful women who keep themselves healthy and attractive for themselves and for their man because that’s what she’s supposed to do.


So have hope men.  There are good ones of us out here.  It’s up to all of us in our movement to help impressionable, confused women to understand what they’re up against and that’s the cock-blocking jews.  Sorry to be crass, but it’s the truth. So help women stand up to the jew and what they face as being weaker creatures and in many cases unable to fight off society’s manipulation and indoctrination.  Help these women with kindness, patience, understanding, and above all love.  I guarantee if you show a women the correct path, she’ll follow you and give you all the love and support you could want.  Remember men, she NEEDS you!


We were created for a Patriarchal society.  Let’s get back to that and see how great we can make our White lives again.  Let’s get the White train rolling!  Hail Victory! Hail White Man! Hail Victory!


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Whites Don’t See It


Constantly I wonder why Whites betray their race and choose a Mud over their own kind.  If two men were laying in a ditch dying and one was White and one was Black, I know who the Negro would choose to save (if he’d actually get up off his lazy worthless ass).  But I’m not so sure about the White man.  He might have some stupid White guilt and think he better help the Nig-Nog or he’ll be deemed a racist or mean or something else equally ridiculous.

It’s absurd to me that this is even a discussion, yet we see Whites choose ANYONE but their own on a daily basis.  Disgusting.

What will it take to WAKE WHITEY UP?

Listen to this enlightening clip posted on Soundcloud by Cora1488 of Bill Finck at Christogenea as he discusses the Great White Conundrum in his illuminating End Times Series: Beginnings and Ends with Don Fox.  (You remember Cora aka Crochet Racist, well she’s back from her Shoah! Follow her on WordPress and Soundcloud)

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 4.30.00 PM.png

Why Whites Don’t See The Coming Race War

Let’s stop the indoctrination by fighting back!  Push the truth as often as you can to as many White people as possible!  We can WIN this war!


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It’s Da Jew


With Emperor Trump ready to Goose-step into office, we sit poised to stake our claim as the premier ruling class.  Long time coming.  And for all the work we’ve put into it, we deserve our victory lap.  Roman Salute bitches.


But back-room Black Pill chatter, discord amongst the ranks, complacency, and other weaknesses have seemingly crept into our midst.  Those Alt-Lites need to dip out as well. D’Marcus (((Leibowitz))) aka @1OfTheBadGoys said he’d “punch Ramz’s whole family in the face with one punch.”  Understandable.  Irritants like Ramz don’t help our efforts at all.  We fought a hard battle and won, but the WAR rages on and we need to stay strong and focused. The Jew is still calling the shots.

First and foremost we must continue to name our enemy and that is the Jew.  We must pull together and present a united front against these Kike bastards.  We know these hook-noses are behind all the White Genocide plots, the destruction of our country, society, and traditions through their treacherous schemes of mass migration and the flooding of muds, the degeneracy and perversion indoctrination of youth through media and education, and the marxist manipulation and control of our government and economy.

The only way we can thwart this Satan is by working together and that means ALL of us.  We may not agree on every tweet, post, comment, podcast, etc. but if we all strive toward the same eventual goal of getting rid of the Jew, then we will succeed.


So you ask how can we get rid of this Oven-Worthy parasite?  By ALL of us contributing.  Use whatever your skills are and do it.  That means actually taking action, not just thinking about it or planning on eventually down the road maybe doing something.  You must actually act on your ideas and act on them now.  We must strike now, while we have a fighting chance at this.

And there are multiple ways to be involved in the White Nationalist movement.


First off, educate yourself.  Read blogs, study, listen to podcasts.  Learn about the Jew and what he has done throughout history and what he is doing now to destroy the White Race.  There are numerous ways to find out this information from reading the Protocols of Zion to learning about Christian Identity with Bill Finck at Christogenea to discovering the truth behind the JFK assassination and the 9/11 nuclear bombings (both carried out by Jews), to reading the Daily Stormer to listening to great podcasts from TRS, Radio Aryan with great goys like Sven Longshanks and Grandpa Lampshade, and IAR with fav warriors D’Marcus and Ken.  There are so many ways now thankfully to teach yourself about the JQ and to be involved.  Don’t waste another moment.  Start today!

Protocols of Zion
Christian Identity and the Truth of The White Race as God’s Chosen
Don Fox on 9/11 and JFK Truth
Daily Stormer
The Right Stuff Radio
Radio Aryan
Intersectional Alt-Right

But wait, there’s more!

If you’re in Jew-controlled college, don’t let that be a stumbling block.  Start red-pilling classmates and buddies.  Drop hints to potential candidates and then pick a few that are willing to listen to the truth over some beers.  Just plant a seed and watch it grow.  And get smart, cute, non-feminist girls involved too.  That will help recruit more dudes to your group.


Soon you’ll have a weekly meet-up or pool party going.  Start a blog and print flyers and stickers.  But no vandalism.  Be smart where and when you promote.  And be sure to put relevant info on your flyer.  We want to teach people the truth, so give them a starting off point and a reason to check it out.

Weev’s classic flyer.  This is ideal!


And to those of you that are capable of producing content, get off the bench and start providing!  We need all hands on deck to reach as many eyes and ears as possible.  There’s so many good white people out there that just need a nudge or a helping hand to bring them in.  They’re waiting for an invitation.  YOU be that host and get them on board.

You can also help greatly by sponsorship.  There’s awesome producers out there (see above links) that need shekels. It takes a TON of time, effort, and money to put out work day in and day out.  Most if not all of us have normie jobs and are scraping by, just like you.  There’s so many costs associated with putting out content, so every penny counts.  Send a couple of bucks to your fav person, writer, group and I guarantee they will appreciate it.  Grandpa Lampshade talks about this and how important sponsorship is.  Check his blog for more info.  And help promote your brothers’ works!  Re-tweet, re-post, link up.  Every bit helps!

But most of all my brothers and sisters, don’t think just because Trump is in that it’s smooth sailing.  Nothing has changed, yet.  The Jews still run everything for now and we’re still overrun by the muds.  It’s going to be up to us to change things, not Muh Democracy.


Do your part!  Whatever you can do to help is very important to us succeeding.  Complacency is unacceptable.  If you never try, you fail for sure.  If you don’t take a risk and step outside your comfort zone and join our fight, then the Jew wins.

But have a high heart my beautiful and intelligent White Brethren!  We can win this war!  We can beat the Jew!  Join the fight and let’s put these bastards down once and for all!






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9/11 and JKF: Plot Points to White Genocide

by Blue Angel and Don Fox


In multi-dimensional space, consider the relation of points and lines while ignoring other properties. What remains is the Incidence Structure of the Euclidean Plane or the data about which points lie on a line from where the facts emerge.

While 9/11 and JFK discussions prove provocative, we continue without ceasing to seek data points where all other false concepts are removed, leading us to answers. Leading us to the truth.  Without truth, nothing matters.


9/11 Nuclear Pothole

9/11 was a Jewish nuclear terrorist plot perpetrated by the Mossad with assistance from Neocons, the CIA, and other nefarious criminals.  Mastermind David Rockefeller planned and financed the bombing, with Dick Cheney running the Op and Henry Kissinger leading the resultant cover-up.  GW Bush played tiddly-winks, but knew nevertheless.  Nukes brought the WTC Buildings down, grinding thousands of innocent lives into mere dust.  For a complete breakdown, please check Don’s treatise on Rockefeller’s heinous act.

David Rockefeller: Mastermind of the 9/11 Nuclear Terrorist Attacks


What was this Jewish kingpin’s ultimate goal in bombing America?  Neocon wars in the Middle East?  Lucrative defense and industrial contracts for Jewish-controlled companies like Halliburton and Schlumberger?  International bankers cashing in?  Israel further tightening control over the US?  Sure.  All relevant points, but ancillary.

Let’s rewind the clock.

The Kalergi Plan, the Jewish construct to homogenize the White Race into a people without racial identity has been their ultimate goal. The White Race ceases to exist and what remains is Satanic, tyrannical world-rule through oppression.


Jews have hated the White Race, the TRUE Israelites and have sought our destruction since the beginning.  Murder was their first act of vengeance against God’s Chosen.  Cain, the race-mixer with Edomite Jews murdered his innocent brother Abel.  Subsequently the Jews murdered Christ and now in present day, are murdering His sons through White Genocide.  (FYI: Christ is NOT a Jew)

We are meant to be a holy and separate people from the other bastard races.  The Jews know this and have purposefully attempted to destroy God’s plan for us by forced diversity .

Exodus 23:32-33 KJV1611 “Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods. They shall not dwell in thy land, lest they make thee sin against me: for if thou serve their gods, it will surely be a snare unto thee.”

Let’s rewind the clock again.  This time connecting the points to the assassination of our 35th President, John F. Kennedy.


Thermonuclear weapons testing heated up during the Eisenhower administration.  Ike delivered his famous “Atoms For Peace” speech December 8, 1953 whereby he posited “shared” control of nuclear experiments supervised by the globalist UN.  In regards to atomic weapons and materials, Ike thought it best that it “must be put in the hand of those who will know how to strip its military casing and adapt it to the arts of peace.”


But who were these experts that were to handle the atomic materials?  Who would actually be in charge of this project?  The Atomic Energy Commission was established in 1946 by President Truman with government-owned facilities but with civilian input and oversee.  Jewish Financier Bernard Baruch, Truman’s appointee to the UNAEC(United Nations Atomic Energy Commission) pushed for international corporate control of nuclear development, but was stifled by Russia’s snubbing of his obvious attempt at financial gain for the select few.  Baruch was known for his money grab.  Instead of willing his estate to his children, he sold his property to his daughter which included a negro slave house.  Not exactly a guy known for his altruism.  The Russians clearly saw through the Jew’s ill-gotten plan and thus the power stayed within the Commission.


Truman signing the AEC Act 1946.

But with Eisenhower willingly offering power back over to globalists’ interests in his Atoms for Peace speech and invariably taking the control away from the US, more Jews were able to involve themselves in the nuclear development process.

In 1955, Jewish power broker and special assistant to Eisenhower and of course brother to David, Nelson Rockefeller became “infatuated” with nuclear power reactors serving as the basis for the “Atomic Marshall Plan.” With this new “aid” program, Rockefeller’s expansive plan offered “research reactors to friendly countries” and the “declassifying” of US proprietary technical research and power reactor information, while “providing assurances on availability of enriched uranium.”

Wow.  Sounds like another swipe at the chance for that international/globalist corporate control longed for by Bernard Baruch.  Jewish hand-rubbing no doubt at the thought of a big-time money snatch. David must have been proud of his older brother Nelson.


Nelson Rockefeller with fellow-tribesman Henry Kissinger 1975

Eisenhower seemed concerned that the US would lose too much control by giving up all its technical achievements, yet offered “sufficient technological and material assistance to support foreign development.”  Even so Ike remained guarded on the prospect of nuclear development of which social and political problems could arise.

Kennedy saw this consequence firsthand.  Data points.


With Nelson Rockefeller’s globalist nuclear agenda falling short, Israel had to make a move directly.  Dimona, Israel’s nuclear facility.

Kennedy gravely concerned with Israel’s intentions with the nuclear reactor and rightly so, sent a telegram to then Israeli PM Ben-Gurion May 18, 1963 reiterating the seriousness of US requests for open visits to Dimona.  Since 1961, the US had requested visits but had not received an invitation.  In his letter to Ben-Gurion, Kennedy reminded the Prime Minister that the US “supports Israel in a wide variety of other ways which are well known to both of us.”

President Kennedy went on to state in his letter that “I can well appreciate your concern for developments in the UAR. But I see no present or imminent nuclear threat to Israel from there. I am assured that our intelligence on this question is good and that the Egyptians do not presently have any installation comparable to Dimona, nor any facilities potentially capable of nuclear weapons production. But, of course, if you have information that would support a contrary conclusion, I should like to receive it from you through Ambassador Barbour. We have the capacity to check it.”


Clearly Kennedy knew the truth.  Facts had emerged and Ben-Gurion was caught.   But instead of coming clean to JFK, Ben-Gurion turned his tail and ran.  Next up to bat is Levi Eshkol, Ben-Gurion’s hard-liner replacement.

More fervent correspondence was sent between the two conflicting parties, with the Jews claiming Kennedy would re-nig on promises to protect Israel and viewed Kennedy’s position as an unveiled threat and an ultimatum to withhold aid.  Kennedy’s stance was more measured.  His statement was factual.  The visits would be imperative to confirm that Israel was not making weapons and would be in “accord with international standards thereby resolving all doubts as to the peaceful intent of the Dimona project.”

Eskhol and his fellow tribesman apparently felt otherwise.  Wheels were set in motion and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered in calculated, cold blood in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. God rest his soul.


The Jews were relentless.  With Kennedy out of the way, Eskhol was free to make his move. Immediately he met with LBJ in private talks discussing Israel’s nuclear program.  No notes or transcripts from the secretive meeting were kept or if so, never preserved or found.  According to Yossi Goldstein in Levi Eskhol’s biography, “from that day on relations between Israel and the US changed dramatically.”


Levi Eskhol with LBJ

US pressure on Israel ceased and was soon viewed as a strategic ally.  In turn, Egypt was now categorized as part of the Soviet Bloc, forever changing and fomenting the protected status of the Jewish State!

Wind your watch to Present Day.

Here we are in this multi-cultural, race-mixing, diverse mess of a country filling fast with thousands upon thousands of mud races crossing our borders with impunity, rapidly destroying our White society and ultimately Our Race.


Europe is now in the Biblical stage of Gog and Magog, with the US catching up rapidly.  Incorrectly interpreted due to Jewish influence and lies, the Battle of Gog and Mogog was depicted as a “war” between various states such as Russia and Turkey.  This misidentification of the Jews in the outlaw Palestinian state as the Israelites of the Bible is flat out not true. Jews are actually Satan stealing the identity of the Children of Israel who are in fact today’s White European people.

The Gog and Magog/Camp of the Saints scenario is in reality playing out in the European migrant crisis. The “migrants” are the hordes of Magog.  Gog is Satan aka the International Jew.

For more on this topic, please check Don’s excellent End Times Series podcast with Christian Identity Scholar William Finck from Christogena.

Beginnings and Ends Part 4-The Battle of Gog and Magog

Kennedy knew the facts and knew that Israel was developing nuclear weapons.  He was taken out for that persuasive perception.  With his assassination, the Jews were unleashed to further their plot to destroy the White Race.

Israel was free to continue building their thermonuclear arsenal without US meddling, penalty, or control.  In 1965, the Hart Cellar Act was signed into law by LBJ and the flood gates were opened for the mass migration of peoples of color. The cabal of International Jewish Bankers and Globalists were unchained and allowed to dictate world financial policy through interest rate manipulation and shadow pseudo-government arms such as the Federal Reserve and the IMF.

Then came 9/11.  Jews bombed the Towers and gave the Neocons a pretty package with a bloody bow: instability in the Middle East.  Cheney and his cohorts could play war games and profit, hooking up the Jew along the way with a tidy vig.  Meanwhile, instability in the Levant resulted in the inevitable flood of today’s “refugees.”

By virtually controlling all strategic levels of commerce, monetary flow, political machinations, and societal and cultural behavior through media and propaganda, the Jews have truly become the new “god.”  As a White DNA destroyer, miscegenation is working perfectly according to the Jewish plot. With eager acceptance in our society, today’s populace and especially America’s indoctrinated youth welcome diversity, deviance, perversion, and self-worship which the Jews actively promote and thus providing them with increased strength and confidence.

We are living in an ugly tapestry of devious Jewish design. The fundamental results after the murder of one of our greatest modern day leaders, JFK to the 9/11 thermonuclear attack on America and her people to the pointless Middle East proxy wars and its pursuant destabilization to the onslaught of bastard races covering our countryside.

Incidence structure teaches us that fundamental results remain valid when additional concepts are added to form a richer geometry, as in the Fano Plane Quadrangle.

The Jews haven’t stopped adding to their treachery. Results of the destruction of the White Race have remained constant and according to the Jews, obviously valid forming their richer view of geometry or in this case, reality.

But we can turn this around!  It’s not too late my White Brethren!  It is up to us to fight back!  Stay vigilant, strong and focused and remember those fateful and oh so true words of President Kennedy in his Inaugural Address January 20, 1961:

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country.  With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.

Have a high heart my White Brothers and Sisters.  We will survive this and will survive it victoriously!


1989 Hewlett-Holl Atoms For Peace and War
1983 Alice Buck-The Atomic Energy Commission
Eisenhower Letters
JKF Letters
2003 Yossi Goldstein-Levi Eskhol Biography, Keter Publishing
Wikipedia for various dates, historical references, definitions


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Time for Whitey!


Brownie finds a love note on his windshield.  Yep.  And more is coming.

Our guy won and WE ARE DONE!  The days of putting up with this crap from these Nigs chimping out and thinking they’re owed gibs ARE OVER!  We will not sit back and let the Beaners take our jobs, rape women, murder Whites, and expect to get FREE healthcare,  FREE food, Obamaphones, education for their mongrel offspring, and housing on our dime!

Deportations first.  Wall next.  Best get packing Beaner.  La Migra is BACK IN BUSINESS!


ZERO tolerance.  No excuses.  No apologies.  No exceptions. You want more of this?  Or are you finally ready to stand up to these animals?


It will get worse.  The Nigs have NOTHING to lose now!  Their Kang Obama is finished and so are the Clintons.  Even worse for Darkie, the Jews have no use for them now. Hillary lost like a MoFo, so the Negro’s relevancy and their protected status is null and void.  So what’s going to stop them from more Chimp-Outs, chaos, and destruction?


It’s up to us!  Complacency is unacceptable.  We take our country back!  Our White country!

And we have the mandate. Das Trumpenfuhrer rising to Emperor has provided us with a clear path. But he can’t do this alone, so we must take the initiative. The time is ripe to show the rest of our White Brethren that America is a White Country founded by Whites for Whites.  We’ve been paying the Jew’s weapon aka The Negro off for 50 years.  It hasn’t worked.  It’s time for them to go!


Decades we have suffered under the Jewish Globalist plot to destroy the White Race and breed us out of existence.  A mud race is much easier to control than high-agency Whites who rebel against this evil.  But we are AWAKE now to their schemes! And the Jews know their project has failed. They are in full retreat.


With this glorious Trump victory, even school kids are getting in on the game. Minnesota high school kids on Day 1.  It’s on.


So White Man, it’s up to you.  Harness that power that you know you have and let’s get this party started! It won’t be easy and it could get really ugly.  DOTR possibly.  But we know nothing will change unless WE do it!

Against all odds, WE got Trump elected!  This is OUR movement!  Pedal to the metal.  Balls to wall!  No stopping us now!

Let’s not only Make America Great Again, let’s MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN!



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