As things continue to ramp up in the true War on Whites, we are confronted with false news, weak narrative, and clearly much disinformation all controlled and pushed by (((them))).

Can we trust our leaders, pastors, news gatherers, and assumed, prior legit news sources to bring us the actual truth?  At this point, the answer is NO.  Until Jewish Marxist control is removed, trust is out the window.

This blog will focus on opening insights into the truth and providing legitimate information on what our White Race, society and culture now faces. The very existence of our White Race depends on knowledge, but factual knowledge.

Use this site as a guide and as an informational tool and continue to do your own research as well.  It’s time to learn and know what we’re all facing as Whites in this diverse, multi-cultural, Marxist, messed-up and perverse world.

For more info and serious exposition about 9/11, JFK, Jewish treachery, End Times and more, please check the menu link to Don Fox or click here https://donaldfox.wordpress.com

For in-depth information on Christian Identity and who we really are as the White Race and God’s True Chosen, please check http://christogenea.org


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