End Times Update

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Biblical scholar and historian Bill Finck from Christogenea along with current events and historical analyst Don Fox, examine and discuss the unfolding direction of our world as it hurls headlong toward its penultimate chapter.  Check the link below for an outstanding and provocative view of the potential future and fate of the White Race.

An End Times Update with Don Fox


To learn more about the End Times and the truth behind Biblical Prophecy, please check the ground-breaking four part series from Bill and Don recorded the summer of 2016.  Here are the links below.  Enjoy!

Beginnings and Ends Part 1: Origins of the European People

Beginnings and Ends Part 2: Mystery Babylon

Beginnings and Ends Part 3: The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

Beginnings and Ends Part 4: The Battle of Gog and Magog

For more information on Bill Finck, Christian Identity, and his extensive library of podcasts and articles, please check Christogenea.org.  For more information on Don Fox’s significant and critical work on subjects such as 9/11, JFK, White Nationalism, and substantive political commentary, please check his blog site at Don Fox.



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