Feminism or How To Destroy Society


Absolute worst thing that has ever happened to women and ultimately our society and our White Race is Feminism.  I actually hate to even write that word.  The word is so ugly in and of itself.

Men and Women are not the same.  Besides the bio differences, men and women are just wired differently.  And this is a good thing!  God meant for us to be different, on purpose.  Man was created for God’s good pleasure and His will. The Will of God for man is to love and serve God and love and serve His brother.  And surprise!  The Woman was created as a Helper for Man.  Guess what ladies, we as women are here to love and support our man!  That is the Will of God and we show Him our love and worship Him by loving and supporting our man!


FYI:  all of this pertains ONLY to Whites, as Whites are God’s Chosen, and for no other race including those nasty rat-face jews.  And no, for once and for all Jesus is not a jew and jews are not white and are not saved nor are nigs or beaners or street-shitters or slopes no matter what the hell they do.  See more info on the truth of the White Race and  Christian Identity).

Feminism is of course a jewish construct.  This jew hag activist (((Louis Weiss))) pushed during the 1930’s-40’s for suffrage and other angry women issues that I could care less about.  She’s just a good example of a pissed off jewish bitch that furthered the jewish plot to ruin society.


So why push the angry bitch angle aka feminism?  What can the jews accomplish with that?


Well from the beginning,  jew controlled media and education indoctrinates young girls to believe they are the same as boys.  This is very confusing because as a girl, one knows this is not true!  Once again, we are different creations.  But the jew plot thickens as a young girl grows up and she is pushed and pulled in so many confusing directions by being told she won’t measure up to others and will be ostracized in society if she doesn’t “empower” herself.  What this means is that a woman is directed to put herself FIRST, not her man or eventually her children, ie: her family!

By being totally self-absorbed, she begins to think of herself unnaturally…not as a woman.  Remember a woman’s place,  job, duty, whatever you want to term it ( I like will of God) is to love her man and help and serve him.  So if a woman is focused on her own selfish needs, then why does she need a man?  And herein lies the problem.

She goes to college, gets a degree, focuses on a career.  No time in there for putting a man first.  Next she is led to believe that all men are assholes so why have one?  You’re just like a dude so hook up, get what you need and lose his phone number.  You can have it all! Career, money,  jewelry, sex when you want it, and good friends to party with.  Who needs a husband? And especially who needs kids or a family.  If you’re unhappy being single there’s something wrong with you.  Take this pill and you’ll be fine, says jewish big pharma.

You see where I’m going with this?  Women are beat over the head with the mantra that they are just like men.  Eventually generations pass and women believe the lie.  The jews have won.  Destruction of the family. No kids.  White Genocide.

But let me tell you guys, women DON’T REALLY WANT THIS!  Most smart, well-adjusted women want to be creative, contribute, and help others and maybe that includes working a fun career, but what they truly want is love from a man!  Women are NOT HAPPY without a man!  That is in a woman’s DNA.  Whether she denies it or not, it’s there.  Now yes there’s exceptions with the disgusting sweat hog fat chicks and dykes, but I’m not talking about them.  I am speaking about real, intelligent, beautiful women who keep themselves healthy and attractive for themselves and for their man because that’s what she’s supposed to do.


So have hope men.  There are good ones of us out here.  It’s up to all of us in our movement to help impressionable, confused women to understand what they’re up against and that’s the cock-blocking jews.  Sorry to be crass, but it’s the truth. So help women stand up to the jew and what they face as being weaker creatures and in many cases unable to fight off society’s manipulation and indoctrination.  Help these women with kindness, patience, understanding, and above all love.  I guarantee if you show a women the correct path, she’ll follow you and give you all the love and support you could want.  Remember men, she NEEDS you!


We were created for a Patriarchal society.  Let’s get back to that and see how great we can make our White lives again.  Let’s get the White train rolling!  Hail Victory! Hail White Man! Hail Victory!


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2 Responses to Feminism or How To Destroy Society

  1. Zorost says:

    Great article as always!
    I admit to being blinded in some ways by jewish propaganda, so I have a lot of sympathy for others who haven’t been able to throw off the shackles.

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  2. cora1488 says:

    Feminism told women we could have whatever we wanted, be whatever we wanted. The result of believing jew lies is our race is now only 8% of the world population. Thanks jews.

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