Whites Don’t See It


Constantly I wonder why Whites betray their race and choose a Mud over their own kind.  If two men were laying in a ditch dying and one was White and one was Black, I know who the Negro would choose to save (if he’d actually get up off his lazy worthless ass).  But I’m not so sure about the White man.  He might have some stupid White guilt and think he better help the Nig-Nog or he’ll be deemed a racist or mean or something else equally ridiculous.

It’s absurd to me that this is even a discussion, yet we see Whites choose ANYONE but their own on a daily basis.  Disgusting.

What will it take to WAKE WHITEY UP?

Listen to this enlightening clip posted on Soundcloud by Cora1488 of Bill Finck at Christogenea as he discusses the Great White Conundrum in his illuminating End Times Series: Beginnings and Ends with Don Fox.  (You remember Cora aka Crochet Racist, well she’s back from her Shoah! Follow her on WordPress and Soundcloud)

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 4.30.00 PM.png

Why Whites Don’t See The Coming Race War

Let’s stop the indoctrination by fighting back!  Push the truth as often as you can to as many White people as possible!  We can WIN this war!


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3 Responses to Whites Don’t See It

  1. cora1488 says:

    Let there be White identity on Earth and let it begin with me. Fuck peace.


  2. Zorost says:

    Even with K-Grad school indoctrination, a majority of every white demographic voted Trump. I think we are finally waking up. So many are still lost, and it is puzzling how it could be so.

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