It’s Da Jew


With Emperor Trump ready to Goose-step into office, we sit poised to stake our claim as the premier ruling class.  Long time coming.  And for all the work we’ve put into it, we deserve our victory lap.  Roman Salute bitches.


But back-room Black Pill chatter, discord amongst the ranks, complacency, and other weaknesses have seemingly crept into our midst.  Those Alt-Lites need to dip out as well. D’Marcus (((Leibowitz))) aka @1OfTheBadGoys said he’d “punch Ramz’s whole family in the face with one punch.”  Understandable.  Irritants like Ramz don’t help our efforts at all.  We fought a hard battle and won, but the WAR rages on and we need to stay strong and focused. The Jew is still calling the shots.

First and foremost we must continue to name our enemy and that is the Jew.  We must pull together and present a united front against these Kike bastards.  We know these hook-noses are behind all the White Genocide plots, the destruction of our country, society, and traditions through their treacherous schemes of mass migration and the flooding of muds, the degeneracy and perversion indoctrination of youth through media and education, and the marxist manipulation and control of our government and economy.

The only way we can thwart this Satan is by working together and that means ALL of us.  We may not agree on every tweet, post, comment, podcast, etc. but if we all strive toward the same eventual goal of getting rid of the Jew, then we will succeed.


So you ask how can we get rid of this Oven-Worthy parasite?  By ALL of us contributing.  Use whatever your skills are and do it.  That means actually taking action, not just thinking about it or planning on eventually down the road maybe doing something.  You must actually act on your ideas and act on them now.  We must strike now, while we have a fighting chance at this.

And there are multiple ways to be involved in the White Nationalist movement.


First off, educate yourself.  Read blogs, study, listen to podcasts.  Learn about the Jew and what he has done throughout history and what he is doing now to destroy the White Race.  There are numerous ways to find out this information from reading the Protocols of Zion to learning about Christian Identity with Bill Finck at Christogenea to discovering the truth behind the JFK assassination and the 9/11 nuclear bombings (both carried out by Jews), to reading the Daily Stormer to listening to great podcasts from TRS, Radio Aryan with great goys like Sven Longshanks and Grandpa Lampshade, and IAR with fav warriors D’Marcus and Ken.  There are so many ways now thankfully to teach yourself about the JQ and to be involved.  Don’t waste another moment.  Start today!

Protocols of Zion
Christian Identity and the Truth of The White Race as God’s Chosen
Don Fox on 9/11 and JFK Truth
Daily Stormer
The Right Stuff Radio
Radio Aryan
Intersectional Alt-Right

But wait, there’s more!

If you’re in Jew-controlled college, don’t let that be a stumbling block.  Start red-pilling classmates and buddies.  Drop hints to potential candidates and then pick a few that are willing to listen to the truth over some beers.  Just plant a seed and watch it grow.  And get smart, cute, non-feminist girls involved too.  That will help recruit more dudes to your group.


Soon you’ll have a weekly meet-up or pool party going.  Start a blog and print flyers and stickers.  But no vandalism.  Be smart where and when you promote.  And be sure to put relevant info on your flyer.  We want to teach people the truth, so give them a starting off point and a reason to check it out.

Weev’s classic flyer.  This is ideal!


And to those of you that are capable of producing content, get off the bench and start providing!  We need all hands on deck to reach as many eyes and ears as possible.  There’s so many good white people out there that just need a nudge or a helping hand to bring them in.  They’re waiting for an invitation.  YOU be that host and get them on board.

You can also help greatly by sponsorship.  There’s awesome producers out there (see above links) that need shekels. It takes a TON of time, effort, and money to put out work day in and day out.  Most if not all of us have normie jobs and are scraping by, just like you.  There’s so many costs associated with putting out content, so every penny counts.  Send a couple of bucks to your fav person, writer, group and I guarantee they will appreciate it.  Grandpa Lampshade talks about this and how important sponsorship is.  Check his blog for more info.  And help promote your brothers’ works!  Re-tweet, re-post, link up.  Every bit helps!

But most of all my brothers and sisters, don’t think just because Trump is in that it’s smooth sailing.  Nothing has changed, yet.  The Jews still run everything for now and we’re still overrun by the muds.  It’s going to be up to us to change things, not Muh Democracy.


Do your part!  Whatever you can do to help is very important to us succeeding.  Complacency is unacceptable.  If you never try, you fail for sure.  If you don’t take a risk and step outside your comfort zone and join our fight, then the Jew wins.

But have a high heart my beautiful and intelligent White Brethren!  We can win this war!  We can beat the Jew!  Join the fight and let’s put these bastards down once and for all!






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2 Responses to It’s Da Jew

  1. cora1488 says:

    You inspired me, Blue Angel!


  2. Great stuff, Blue Angel! I enjoyed reading this.


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