Time for Whitey!


Brownie finds a love note on his windshield.  Yep.  And more is coming.

Our guy won and WE ARE DONE!  The days of putting up with this crap from these Nigs chimping out and thinking they’re owed gibs ARE OVER!  We will not sit back and let the Beaners take our jobs, rape women, murder Whites, and expect to get FREE healthcare,  FREE food, Obamaphones, education for their mongrel offspring, and housing on our dime!

Deportations first.  Wall next.  Best get packing Beaner.  La Migra is BACK IN BUSINESS!


ZERO tolerance.  No excuses.  No apologies.  No exceptions. You want more of this?  Or are you finally ready to stand up to these animals?


It will get worse.  The Nigs have NOTHING to lose now!  Their Kang Obama is finished and so are the Clintons.  Even worse for Darkie, the Jews have no use for them now. Hillary lost like a MoFo, so the Negro’s relevancy and their protected status is null and void.  So what’s going to stop them from more Chimp-Outs, chaos, and destruction?


It’s up to us!  Complacency is unacceptable.  We take our country back!  Our White country!

And we have the mandate. Das Trumpenfuhrer rising to Emperor has provided us with a clear path. But he can’t do this alone, so we must take the initiative. The time is ripe to show the rest of our White Brethren that America is a White Country founded by Whites for Whites.  We’ve been paying the Jew’s weapon aka The Negro off for 50 years.  It hasn’t worked.  It’s time for them to go!


Decades we have suffered under the Jewish Globalist plot to destroy the White Race and breed us out of existence.  A mud race is much easier to control than high-agency Whites who rebel against this evil.  But we are AWAKE now to their schemes! And the Jews know their project has failed. They are in full retreat.


With this glorious Trump victory, even school kids are getting in on the game. Minnesota high school kids on Day 1.  It’s on.


So White Man, it’s up to you.  Harness that power that you know you have and let’s get this party started! It won’t be easy and it could get really ugly.  DOTR possibly.  But we know nothing will change unless WE do it!

Against all odds, WE got Trump elected!  This is OUR movement!  Pedal to the metal.  Balls to wall!  No stopping us now!

Let’s not only Make America Great Again, let’s MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN!



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