Vote Trump


It’s that simple.  Arise and Thresh my White brothers and sisters!  It’s time to take our country back.

No time to waste.  Make sure you’re doing everything you can to push for Trump to succeed.  Donate a few bucks to his campaign.  Keep the memes flowing and the Pepe pics rolling.  Make sure your family members vote.  Call your buddies.  Tell the Joes at work and nudge the dude at the bar.

If the psycho bitch Killary wins, we’ve got Spirit Cooking on the menu, more faggots aka pedo’s running wild, feminist degenerates destroying young girls’ minds, nig-nogs and beaners getting more brazen, floods of disgusting immigrants, 1A and 2A Amendments gone, and a horrific economic collapse.  Shit will hit the fan Fam.


In his End Times series, expert researcher Don Fox discusses the highly unstable financial precipice on which we balance.

Beginnings and Ends Part 2: Mystery Babylon

Fox postulates from studies in Revelation that Mystery Babylon is indeed the Jewish Economic System and it’s failing.


His analysis extends to the examination of our current debt and exposure on a macro level.

Is the Jewish economic system on the verge of collapse? It certainly appears to be. Once you understand what financial derivatives are then you can see the current Beast economic system is going to eventually collapse due to greed and corruption.

Corrupt (((American banks))) have ridiculous Credit Default Swap debt levels, with Deutsche Bank exposures leading the pack.  If DBS defaults, the damage will be catastrophic.  Understand that ALL of these banks are incestuously connected and DBS is the Mother Ship.

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-6-09-46-pm 6165571_14673289592510_rid16

This is a HOUSE OF CARDS.  If Babylon falls, what does that means for you and me? Simply put, there’s NO MONEY.  You can’t go to the ATM.  The banks are closed.  Your job is kaput.  There’s no food at the grocery stores.  The financial grid collapses.  That’s it.  Done.

We have ONE TIME to get this right and protect ourselves, our families, and our White Brethren.  Don’t think the other guy won’t vote.  (((They))), their evil cuck minions, and Shabbos Goys hate us as much as we hate them and they WILL vote for Shillary.

Let’s push together and get Trump across the finish line. Stay focused, determined, and positive.  Even with all the Black-Pill ugliness we know and understand, it’s up to us to fix this!  And we can do it! MAGA BITCHES!

Heil Das Trumpenfurher!  Heil the rise of the WHITE MAN!




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One Response to Vote Trump

  1. Crochet Racist says:

    This election is literally Good versus ((( Evil )))
    Great article!!!


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