Gibs Me Dat Finger


Well maybe, but just in case things stay status quo we’re still stuck with Muh Diversity and what that brings.  Gibs for them and more taxes for us.


Shortly we’ll have a better grasp on how things look to play out with a Das Trumpenfuhrer Reich or a (((Shillary))) Shit-Show.  But according to a BBC report, the numbers are fairly close for both candidates’ tax plans, except for the highest income-bracket in Hillary’s plan where it jumps to 43%.


Either way if you’re a small business owner, you still get hosed because of the pass-through tax structure.  Small biz owners must “pass-through” business income to their own personal 1040’s.  So if Hank’s Hamburgers nets $200,000, Hank has to show that amount as personal income on his tax return even if he only paid himself a salary of $36,000 that year.  Instead of paying a realistic rate of 12%-15% in a fair tax plan, Hank coughs up 33% in both their schemes.


Not seeing where either candidate wants to make a difference to help the working man and small business owner.  Still looks like “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” to me.  But Trump obviously has a legit grasp of the economy and financial matters, whereas the Hill Monster just pushes the Globalist agenda. I’m sticking with The Don.

On to the Gibs.

Killary wants to increase handouts of course.  In a Vox interview 6/22/16 the pant-suited harpie stated, “I think we have to do much more to target federal programs to the poorest, where intergenerational poverty is once again a cycle.”  Hey so as long as the dindus keep laying in the street with their pants down f’d up on K2, let’s keep shoveling them cash. Why the hell not?  Mean old Whitey shouldn’t keep beating those poor disenfranchised slaves.


In Time to Get Tough, Trump writes,  “But when half of food stamp recipients have been on the dole for nearly a decade, something is clearly wrong.”  Clearly!  Sheeiitt.


Until entitlements are done away with, the dindus will be perfectly content to stay lazy and worthless and wait for Muh EBT.

Ok then, if Trump gets elected, will he truly reform this heinous Jewish theft of wealth from the Goyim?  Those Gold Stars want nothing more to drown us in financial misery paying for these thugs.  Gets ’em closer to (((their))) goals.


I’m doubtful Trump can completely do away with the welfare debacle but hopefully he can make a dent in the hand-outs and I believe he’ll try.  (((They))) will do everything to stop him of course.

So are we facing DOTR?  Not sure.  No telling how bad that next Chimp-Out will be or what happens if the EBT cards fail during a possible run on the banks. But you can bet the Kikes are prepared and ready for whatever scenario and for whoever wins in November.  We need to be ready as well.

So let’s all GO VOTE TRUMP and give a friendly WHITE BOY salute to the Oven-Worthy!  He’s our last, best chance to turn the ship around!


Stay strong and stay ready!

Til next time Fam!  Hugs!



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One Response to Gibs Me Dat Finger

  1. Crochet Racist says:

    “Jews ate the English nation to its bones.” -John Speed
    And Killary wants to help the kikes do the same to America. Great article, Truth Seeker!!


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