Mojado Madness


Used to be going to the grocery store wasn’t such a hassle.  Nowadays its a frikking nightmare.  Can’t even go down a single aisle without Wetback Juan, his common-law mestiza who’s as wide as she is tall, their six nasty little squat-monsters, and the abuela with TB.  Taking up the whole damn aisle while I’m just trying to push through and hopefully make it to the check-out line before drinking Clorox to end this misery.  Next time its drive further out and pay more at the organic store.  But hey at least there’s no Beaners there.

So what can Trump really do?


Build the Wall!  Deport!  More Border Patrol!  Dogs!

Sure, potentially.  But will the (((Puppet Masters))) allow it?  And this is assuming he beats out Shillary.  Border patrol stats show increased man power but depressed arrest results. Maybe Trump can escalate enforcement.  We do know he’s got the Border Agents on his side, but they don’t have power of the pen to implement action.


What about that fav Executive Order tool of Obama?  Will Trump take that route or will he seek approval from Congress  who might opt to block his moves?  Seems like most Neo-Cohens are cucking these days, so why wouldn’t they choose Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce over us working white folks?  Lots of questions, I know.


According to The Atlantic  on 7/11/16, Former Texas Gov Rick Perry claims the wall would actually be “a technological wall. A digital wall.”  NY Rep Chris Collins similarly agrees with that description stating, “I have called it a virtual wall.  Maybe we will be building a wall over some aspects of it; I don’t know.”  Collins also claimed that Trump wasn’t really going to deport illegal immigrants.  “I call it a rhetorical deportation of 12 million people.”

Sounds more like a Gamer Gate and not a wall.  (sorry couldn’t resist).


Most likely the first step will be to start a round-up.  Illegals are definitely more brazen these days.  They’re out and proud!  Maybe the herding wouldn’t be as daunting of a task as Rep Collins bellies.

Put pressure on employers and they’ll cough up names.  And Cops know who the vatos are, so do the Feds.  They’ve all got EBT cards and their disease carrying children and extended familia are all on the public dole.  They can be found.  Hell just drive to Home Depot.  There’s at least 5o hanging out in front every day!


Once found, its the Easy Button.  Usually there’s only one bread winner male living with 15 other people in a two-bedroom apartment.  Deport him leaving no one to provide the Gibs. Forces the rest to hit the road, tacos in tow.  Ice will eventually nab the majority of the hardcore criminals and chuck them back over the Rio Grande.


But how do we keep them from coming baaaccckkk?

According to my friend, fellow Texan, and feature writer for the Daily Stormer Azzmador, posits his theory on keeping the mestizo masses shoah’d.

If we enforce the law by not allowing them to work and imprisoning them if they return after deportation they won’t keep coming back.  The thing that has to be changed is the Hart-Cellar act. That’s the 1965 immigration law that makes it near impossible for Whites to come here in any decent numbers.


That infamous Immigration Law basically opened the flood gates to the unwashed masses that now encamp around us making our lives miserable.

And you can thank the little man behind the curtain.  Yes, LBJ signed it into law but a guy with a propensity for obsessive hand-rubbing penned this disgusting diversity device. Miscegenation achieved!


Emanuel Celler. (pic via Daily Stormer)

Celler had a history screwing with our White race and at that time, mostly White country.  In the 1940’s he advocated that the US relax immigration laws on an emergency basis to rescue those poor oven-worthy fleeing from muh holohoax. Tears and much kvetching.

Azzmador goes on to say that in order for Trump to succeed and change Hart-Celler, he’ll need Congressional help.  I agree.  It’ll take more than the sting of the Trumpenfuher whip.  And that leads us back to the GOP elephant in the room.  Will Trump get elected??

It all depends on the election and how angry the electorate is and how willing they are to be explicit about the racial aspect of legal immigration. Unfortunately, my crystal ball is cloudy on that.  

Azz is right though.  How willing is the electorate to push this issue to the top and elect the only man calling for it?  I guess we’ll know in a few weeks.


So let’s pull the right lever and VOTE TRUMP!  He’s our best hope at stopping this crazy train we’re all stuck on.

Til next time Fam! Stay strong!



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One Response to Mojado Madness

  1. Crochet Racist says:

    “Can’t even go down a single aisle without Wetback Juan, his common-law mestiza who’s as wide as she is tall, their six nasty little squat-monsters, and the abuela with TB. Taking up the whole damn aisle while I’m just trying to push through and hopefully make it to the check-out line before drinking Clorox to end this misery.”

    Perfect description of muh diversity! Can’t wait for the Shillary voting SWPL to have this lovely experience.


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