Muh Hillary


Another debate come and gone, with polls indicating a Hillary dominance. From Reuters to the NY Times to the forecast group FiveThirtyEight, Hillary smokes Trump from the mid-80’s to the mid 90’s percentile.

So is it gonna be Anudda Shoah? Will the lib loons beat us white folks down again? Too soon to know for certain, but things are not looking so good for Das Trumpenfuhrer.

Economic signals point downward as growth slowing still controls the monetary narrative. Right before the election, the Jobs Report on Non-Farm Payroll comes out. Expected to be unfavorable, this information could help Trump. But will it be enough and in actuality do voters really care? Looking at the debate night’s incessant focus on Trump’s locker room banter, makes me think nobody gives a hoot and a holler about facts and numbers. Oh the horror to be concerned with legitimate matters and not with what Melania wore!

Really?  A “pussy-bow?”


Even with Hillary’s clearly declining health, the onslaught of Wikileaks’ drops, and the ever-mounting evidence against Hillary that defines her to be unfit to hold the office of the Presidency, voters still seem oblivious to the truth and want another Obama-term to grab more Gibs.


I’m inclined to be black-pilled that our Great Leader may not cross the finish line as Victor-in-Chief.  He’s got our vote, but definitely not (((theirs))).  And we Goyim know that (((they))) are pulling the true levers of the hearts and minds of those ignorant and ill-informed voters.

Can we fight against this onslaught of tyranny from the Oven-Worthy?  Of course we can.  We’ve got to pull together and keep pushing our mission even until the last day of the election.  My hope is that along the way we can manage to round up a few normies and possibly some disenchanted Bernie Bros and a couple of misguided cucks making things a more even fight.  Right now its definitely a one-legged, one-armed man fight against the Libs and their (((Masters))) and we’ve got more than a flesh wound.


My friend and colleague D’Marcus Liebowitz aka @1OfTheGoodGoys counsels us on how we should react to a possible Trump defeat.


People on the Alt-Right should be psychologically prepared for Trump to lose. This is about the survival of our people, and no matter what, we must maintain our confidence and never give an inch to our enemies. If we are prepared for a Trump loss, it will be all the more sweet if he wins. But if Trump loses and leftists gloat to you; just smile, stare back at them and let them know that they “just made it 10 times more painful” for themselves because we will ultimately prevail.

D’Marcus continues with an inspirational hint for the future of our White Race, no matter the political outcome.

The truth is, all roads lead to victory so long as we white men continue to march forward toward our future and that future is a perpetually white homeland. It should not matter to you whether you ever get to live in such a land, all that matters is that one day some sweet white child that bears your name will be able to walk the streets of their hometown safe, free, and happy amongst our people.

I for one am hopeful and always the eternal optimist.  With men like D’Marcus and other strong warriors on the front lines taking the heat like Azzmador, Andrew Anglin, Ken, the Fash The Nation crew, and researcher Don Fox we’ve put together a strong fighting force!  No stone left unturned!

Hail the Trumpenfuhrer but most importantly HAIL THE WHITE MAN!

Stay strong and stay together!

Much love Fam!  Till next time.


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3 Responses to Muh Hillary

  1. Your articles are great! They’re inspirational, funny, and to the point. 😀


  2. Crochet Racist says:

    Thanks so much for this article! It’s important we’re prepared for a Hillary win, but must keep in mind that doesn’t mean the White race loses.
    Joshua 10:25
    Joshua said to them, “Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. This is what the LORD will do to all the enemies you are going to fight.”


  3. Another great article. You’re always funny and to the point


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