Hillary Halloween


More comical by the day in this bizarro-world campaign.  What could possibly happen next?

After Hillary’s infamous “collapse” at the recent 9/11 ceremony, while sadly ironic prompts theorists to ponder and query the obvious, the improbable, and of course the impossible.  Did she have a seizure?  What about body-doubles?  Is the footage doctored?  What’s with this coughing? And the big one, did she actually die that day?  If so, who will be on stage at the next debate?

For days I convinced myself she was alive and we were seeing the “real” Hillary but research kept pulling me in a different direction towards the rabbit hole.  As the first debate came and went I decided it was her and she was recovering, but what was that strange wire that ran up her backside and what was up with those baseball coach hand signals she was giving to someone with the nose rub?  Clearly there was something up, but it was Hillary on that stage.

Then I watched a Hillary special on The New JFK Show.  Fetzer and the boys brought the heat and I knew I had to keep going.

I was now convinced she was dead or at least incapacitated.  Oy Vey that rabbit hole got deeper!  But I didn’t stop there and continued to search for what I hope is now potentially the truth or least my opinion of the truth.  Here’s my conclusions.  Make of it what you will.

Hillary Clinton is gravely ill with potentially a combo of various health issues including but not limited to Parkinson’s.

The “Collapse” at the 9/11 ceremony was a total loss of consciousness and possibly cessation of quality major-organ function.

She was immediately rushed to “Chelsea’s Apartment,” aka MetroCare Home Services which we can conclude is a full care facility that had been readied a time before for a circumstance just like this.


At the facility, Hillary “recovered” to a level of better functionality with the help of intense treatments of various drug protocols. She also underwent major non-surgical facial work and treatment.

Debate prep was done with aide of insiders culling questions and writing responses weeks prior. Hillary was then fed the info to memorize.

During her convalescence at Chelsea’s crib, body-doubles were used for public appearances. Prior footage from public appearances was also aired as “current” such as the Jimmy Fallon and Zach Galifianakis interviews. In addition other prior footage was used, as well as full-blown manipulation of video to actually create appearances that never happened.  That Predator cameo was pretty sweet.


At the debate she was set with established, memorized responses and had her first-base coach hand signals at her ready to communicate with Lester Holt and her aides. She was also fitted with a medical device that administered a drug protocol if needed which was either on an auto-setting or remotely controlled by a monitoring physician.


She was most likely given various drugs to keep her alert and bright but those showed signs of wearing off as the debate went on. She seemed to lose attention and rapidly tire as the debate neared its conclusion. Her baseball signs appeared in rapid succession towards the end as she began to lose stamina progressively.

It is clear she is very ill and needs constant treatment to function and/or survive. My theory is that body-doubles will be used but in a more controlled manner since the “sightings” have become more obvious. I doubt the younger double in the black sunglasses will be used again.  Seriously with this one?


“Real” Hillary will only be seen in absolutely necessary appearances like the debates and at her acceptance speech on election night if she wins. I doubt we’ll see her otherwise.


But in the grand scheme of things what difference does it make?  Haven’t we been duped all along by these political clowns and their TRUE handlers and masters??  Trick or Treat!


Til next time Fam. Stay close.

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One Response to Hillary Halloween

  1. Crochet Racist says:

    Exactly. Makes no difference at all. If Hillary wins the same “handlers and masters” who are the real power behind sock puppet Barry will continue their genocidal tyranny against the White race.


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