Bumpy Roads Ahead


Living that normie life. Wew lads.

Once you’ve woken to the truth, it ain’t so easy any more! Hard to go back to the way it was. Movies, TV, sportsball, foodie-fun, video games and all the rest seem less important.  Our mission to secure a future for our White Race clearly takes precedent.

And with the constant barrage of controlled, agenda-driven media propaganda, the fake Evangelicuck Judeo-Churchianity lies, corrupted, indoctrinating educational systems, and the ever-present underlying treachery of the (((International Bankers and Merchants))) our job appears virtually impossible.

Trying to open the eyes of our slow-to-the-party White Brethren is a bitch to say the least! These cucks just can’t let go of “diversity is good” and “we’re all equal.”  Got these tweets from a guy yesterday. Oy Vey.

Our convo continued, but to no avail (at least for now).  And before you say it, trolling would’ve been a poor choice.  Dude is a good guy but obviously lost.


So how do we as strong members of the White Race push through this upside-down world?  Its not an easy task. We’re all doing our part with attempts at red-pilling friends and family, tweeting, youtube vids and chat groups, posting content, and even tagging 1488!


Doesn’t everyone want this as their street address? 

But it’s going to take more.  Yes, Trump winning is a coup for our side but if Shillary pulls off the victory we have to muscle-up even more.  We have to strengthen our resolve and push even harder.  I’ll keep talking with our lost White brothers.  You do the same! Keep tweeting and RT’ing and following more Alt-Right and White Pride people. Watch the vids, listen to the podcasts, and read more from our White brothers and sisters who are content providers.  There’s some great warriors out here.  Support them!

And stay on message.  Yeah it’s fun to post Nazi oven memes and troll fags n dindus, but we’ve got to wake up more WHITE PEOPLE with a positive voice.  When you get the opportunity, don’t throw down the gauntlet.  Help them to see the TRUTH.  Motivate them and give them hope that the current status of this disgusting, perverted, deviant, and pozzed world we are stuck with for now, isn’t forever!  Let them know that things can truly change. We can get back what we had!


A close friend who got got shoad’d one too many times for her liking and is taking a break from (((Twitter)))…you may remember her “Crochet Racist”…said  “we don’t have time to waste.  The clock is ticking but we have the numbers now to red-pill more of us.”

She’s right.  We have the numbers now and we have to keep pushing. All of us.  Who knows what will happen in the future and if we give up now due to pressure from the (((outside forces))) then for sure we’ve lost the battle.

The road that lies before us will be bumpy, filled with pot holes, and plenty of dead-ends. So stay strong and stay together!  We need one another now more than ever!

Much love fam!  Til next time!




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One Response to Bumpy Roads Ahead

  1. Crochet Racist says:

    We need to start by red-pilling our immediate family, even if they refuse to listen or be “racist” we should at least plant the seeds of truth.


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