Leading the Fight for 9/11 Truth


Preeminent 9/11 researcher Don Fox travels a most difficult road, battling a constant barrage from scoffers, deniers, haters, and worst of all disinfo merchants.  Even after many years of pursuing and uncovering the truth behind the destruction of the WTC, Fox still faces harsh critical bombardment.  Today was no exception.

Responding to a poster named “Travis” who’s ridiculous remarks centered on his disproven nanothermite argument, Fox commented:

“Nanothermite as a mass produced military grade explosive does not exist. If you want to defend the nanothermite theory then you need to demonstrate where it is produced, who produces it and how it could be used in a building demolition. If Steve Jones and Chris Bollyn cannot provide this info then I seriously doubt any of the rest of you on this site can.

Nanothermite = fairy dust.

I got into this movement to explain to the public that the biggest buildings in America’s biggest city were nuked. I believe that the people like Bob McIlvaine deserve to know what really happened to their loved ones. One family member gets a call every year or so from the city and they found another part of his son: arm, leg, hand etc. He deserves to know that his son was nuked.

Over one thousand people were completely vaporized at Ground Zero. High energy fast neutrons passed through their bodies and vaporized them. As Father Frank Morales stated “the soil was rich and moist from the bodies of the dead.” That point alone proves MASSIVE radiation was present at Ground Zero. Neutron radiation is a telltale sign of neutron bombs which were the true cause of the demise of the WTC buildings. Neutron radiation is also what toasted the 1,400 cars at Ground Zero.

There are many people dying of cancer right now who worked on the pile. Does an incendiary like nanothermite cause bladder, testicular and thyroid etc. cancer? No. We know that barium, strontium, cesium etc. do.

Jews were the prime force behind 9/11. Few people here would disagree with that point. The Jewish outlaw state in Palestine was designed from the beginning to be a nuclear terrorist state. JFK was at loggerheads with Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion over Israel’s illicit nuclear weapons program. Kennedy sent inspectors to Dimona to ensure that it was being used for peaceful purposes. Of course the Jews were producing plutonium there and they took out JFK for his efforts. JFK was not sending inspectors to Dimona to see if they were producing nanothermite.

9/11 Truth = 9/11 was a Jewish nuclear terrorist attack. The outlaw Jewish nuclear terrorist state committed the ultimate act of nuclear terrorism on 9/11. Yet many of the so-called truthers deny this basic truth. Why?

When the ZOG invaded Iraq did we hit them with nanothermite or nukes? Fallujah was nuked with the same type of nukes used on 9/11. Have we ever seen nanothermite used militarily since 9/11? No and we didn’t see it on 9/11 either.

Nanothermite and DEWs are merely scams to describe a nuclear event while denying nukes. I’ve seen a lot of the “big names” in the “Truth Movement” promote these scams for years and years now. Is this scam really the best you can offer up to the public and the victim’s families?”

Sorry Shill, aka “Travis” but my money’s on Fox.  He’s got your number pal.

To read more of Don Fox’s work please check his blog: Donald Fox

To read the above convo trail in full, check this blog: Truth and Shadows

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