Zionist World Takeover or Hey Let’s Nuke the Towers!


World history repeats. Jews persecute the Goyim, again and again. Since Cain murdered Abel, the Edomite Jews have sought destruction of the White Race.

Centuries later we stand in 2016, drawing near to another US Presidential election and remembering that fateful day 15 years ago on September 11th, 2001 when the World Trade Center Towers were nuked. Nothing has changed.

The Plot:

Using willing cohorts in the US Dept of Defense, CIA, and Neocon puppets, the Mossad led by its Jewish masters including David Rockefeller attacked the United States by vaporizing the WTC. Preeminent 9/11 researcher, Don Fox states in his most recent 9/11 article, “Rockefeller was intimately involved in the entire life cycle of the World Trade Center from its planning in the 1950’s to its nuclear demolition in 2001.” Don Fox “David Rockefeller: Mastermind of the 9/11 Nuclear Terrorist Attacks”

No planes were flown into buildings. No angry muslims with cardboard box cutters fought pilots and gained control of commercial jetliners and with minimal flight training flew the jets at slow speeds and low altitudes into New York City airspace uncontested and with impunity. Nor was this ludicrous plan developed by a sickly, goat herder sitting in a dank cave in the Middle East using a satellite radio phone to call for Death to America, meanwhile looking for his next hook-up to a kidney dialysis machine. It’s as believable as George H Bush saying “Read my lips, No new taxes.”

According to Fox, Jewish oligarch and owner of the WTC, Larry Silverstein coveted the insurance pay-out from the potential destruction of his asbestos-laden “sick” buildings. With the green light from tribe-mate Rockefeller, the plan was set in motion. Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger and their Mossad buddies controlled the op. Fox concludes that  “longtime henchman Henry the K was the man the Rockefeller cabal wanted to head the 9/11 cover effort.”

Perfect. It’s a win-win for everyone! Lucky Larry gets his shekels, Rockefeller gets his backside covered, and Cheney and GW Bush play God. According to Fox, the Bush regime’s plan to overthrow seven governments in five years from Iraq to Sudan to other ME nations was set in motion by 9/11. The NeoCons got their wars, while unsuspecting Americans were told lies that mad muslims attacked our “freedoms.” So we sent trillions of dollars to international banks, defense-contract corporations, and to puppet-leaders of ME countries all under the control of the Jews. Oh and meanwhile, thousands of our young sons and even daughters were maimed and murdered in pointless proxy wars for the Jews. What a bloody mess.

The Punch:

It was Nukes. No Jet Fuel, No DEWS, No Nano-Thermite, and No not even Roman Candles. IT WAS NUKES.

Jews have had a nuclear program planned since the inception of the Jewish confiscation of land in Palestine or “Israel” in 1948, with the sole purpose of becoming a nuclear terrorist state.

To this day, Israel maintains “nuclear opacity, refraining from overt admissions that it possesses nuclear weapons.” Israel has also not joined the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons(NPT). Don Fox “2 + 2 = Israel Nuked the WTC on 9/11”

Not surprising that the Jews would utilize their favorite nuke toys to destroy and vaporize an iconic American landmark. Yet we’re to believe a whole ton of jet fuel beyond any amount a commercial jetliner could hold, somehow spilled into the buildings, caught on fire, melted steel beams and concrete that subsequently flowed like lava, and then exploded, causing the skyscrapers to vaporize in under 30 seconds. Sure.

I’ll say it again. IT WAS NUKES.

After extensive and exhaustive research, Fox determined that “mini-nukes were planted in the center columns of the buildings, detonated from the top to bottom.” Fox further exposes that nuclear demolition can be verified by vaporization of the buildings, ejection of debris discovered over 600 feet away, and the existence of nuclear fusion through high Tritium levels, rare Tritiated water found at Bldg 6, enormous peaks in Barium and Strontium concentration and measurable quantities of Thorium and Uranium. None of this scientific evidence can be explained by anything but “nuclear fission and fusion taking place at Ground Zero,” concludes Fox. Don Fox “Mystery Solved: The WTC Was Nuked on 9/11”

The Point:

Greed? Power? Control?  What was the reason behind this demonic nuclear attack on America and its people?  The same plan as its always been since the beginning, which was take what they thought was theirs, but never was: The birthright of God’s Chosen, the birthright of the White Race. The Anglo-Saxon-Scandinavian and Germanic nations are God’s Chosen. Biblical scholar William Finck states, “We are ISRAEL…the Bible…contains God’s promises to us…WE are God’s People Israel.” Christogena.org

Edomite Jews were never the Chosen of God. They were NEVER His Elect and have thus fought since the beginning to destroy the White Race. Jealously is a strong and seductive mistress and the Jews are diabolically obsessed with the Goyim. We are their biggest threat.  White Genocide is real and very much alive today.

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Protocol No.1 Vs. 12 – “Give me what I want in order that thereby I may have a proof that I am stronger than you.” Protocols of the Elders of Zion

By nuking the WTC, multiple dominoes fall. Destabilization of the Middle East occurs, mass amounts of treasury falls into the control of the Globalists’ and International Bankers’ (((JEWS))) hands, unending ME wars, and uncertainty and unrest in civilized nations. Economic collapse. Chaos.

Protocol No.3, Vs. 11 – “A universal economic crisis whereby we shall throw upon the streets whole mobs of workers simultaneously in all the countries of Europe.” This is obviously happening now with the flood of migrants from the war-ravaged Middle East plowing into Europe and now the United States.

Fox surmises, “The goal of this massive immigration is to ethnically cleanse White people from the earth which will allow Jews to rule over a slave race of mud people.”

And you thought it was box-cutters. Let’s Roll.


For more on 9/11, please check all of Don Fox’s extensive work: Don Fox

For more on Christian Identity and the historicity of the White Race as God’s Chosen, please check William Finck’s incredible resource site:  Christogenea

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