Anxious Times

We’re living in a world full of constant change, strife, hardship, loss, and that perennial “What if?”  Nothing seems to be stable.  How are we to manage this?  Who can we trust?

Politicians tell us they can fix the country’s problems and not to worry.  Stock market analysts think they have all the answers to secure our financial future.  Advertisers provide promises of a better life, if we only just buy their products.  And of course there’s always a neighborhood bar where the guy behind the counter has the best solution and it comes in a fancy bottle.

So where do we turn when our lives seem overwhelming?  How do we respond  when anxiety and that nagging concern of what tomorrow will bring tugs at us?  Doctor prescribed meds?  Yoga classes?  Or how about escaping with an adventure movie?  Batman has all the answers, right?  Ultimately though, aren’t those “fixes” just distractions from what is really going on?  You’re stressed out and don’t know what to do.  Right?  So where can you find the real answers that will truly make a difference in your life?

Jesus Christ.  He gives us the answers directly with definitive instruction.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”  Phil 4:6.

First off, He tells us to stop worrying.  And secondly and most importantly He tells us that He is here for us and He will handle it!  So come before Him with joyful praise and ask Him for help.

But what does that mean?  And is it really that simple?

Paul tells us in his Epistle to the Philippians to pray in a way that is filled with conviction, giving control of your life over to God.  Trust that He will provide peace in your life.

What is exactly peace?  It’s the opposite of worry.  So God tells us not to worry.

By not worrying, we are putting our trust in Him to take care of us, no matter what comes our way.  By putting our lives in His hands, we accept His control leaving no room for stress or worry or fear.  That’s where true peace comes from.  Relaxing in His Grace.  Becoming secure that He’s got you.

The Greek word for anxious means to have “a mind divided” between productive, true thoughts and thoughts that tear you down.  Trusting in God or worrying about something that most likely won’t happen is a choice.  So make the right choice and trust in God.  And even if the “worry” or fear does come true, He is with you and won’t leave you.

So yes, it is that simple!  Focus on Christ.  Pray to Him for peace and to keep worry and stress from filling up your mind and crowding out the secure love He has for you.  This isn’t some mind over matter trick.  It is a legitimate relationship with Almighty God through His Son Jesus Christ.  He is the only way to true, real, and eternal peace.







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