Fear or Fearless?

Fear hits us usually without warning and usually without immediate answers.  Sickness, financial issues, relationship breakdowns, workplace worries, and on and on give us that stab to the chest.  And there’s those psychological fears that many are troubled by, like fear of high places or sharks or crowded spaces or fear of failure or being rejected.  Sometimes those fears are so overwhelming they debilitate us into complete and utter immobility.

So how do we deal with fears?  How do we keep them from overtaking our lives and causing us to fail or worse, give up?

It starts first with God.  Sure we can get motivated by cute memes that tell us to “stay strong” and fitness trainers telling us to “never quit,” but that doesn’t really solve the problem, right?  If we are fearful of losing something or someone or ourselves, no cheery slogan will really help.

We need legit encouragement and true assurance from God!  He is the Only One that can truly help.

“Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never allow you to be shaken.” Psalms 55:22.

This verse gets to the heart of the issue.  Give your fears to God.  Tell Him that you need Him!  Let Him know that you can’t handle these problems without Him.  Ask Him to give you strength, courage, and energy to keep going.  He’s infinitely stronger than we are and has no problem crushing our fears.  But you have to trust Him.  He’s going to work things out in His time, so your answer may not come today, but I assure you it will.  So believe and trust that’s He’s got you and then let it go.  That’s what it means to “cast your burden upon the Lord.”  Give it all to Him!

This is not just asking a genie for a wish to come true.  You have to keep your head in Scripture, which means read your Bible and stay in contact with the Lord and that means prayer.  Everyday. Not just when you have problems.  Develop that relationship like you would with a friend. Best part is though He won’t ever be too busy or too tired or not care.  He’s open for business 24/7!

Fear will always be a part of the human experience.  Make a choice today to not let it crush you.  Make a choice today to be fearless!  Put your trust in God and let Him be your hero and most importantly, your Savior!

We’ll tackle more of these issues in upcoming posts.





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One Response to Fear or Fearless?

  1. Carole Hanson says:

    How wonderful my niece is to be able to speak in such perfect words to the weak and hurting and afraid.


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